Outage Coordination

Outage Coordination

Outage Coordination works closely with engineering, constructability and the local utility’s operations planning department to develop a highly detailed and realistic sequence of outages. By working closely with engineering we gather a comprehensive scope of work . That scope is then organized to consider real world clearance, strength of structures and sequence of major steps. With our internal construction supervisors we plan for logical and efficient steps in construction. This enhances the projects bid process by providing construction companies a common and manageable work plan based on outage steps. Outage coordination uses the power of Data Links with the AutoCAD environment to automate the creation and maintenance of the technical drawings and documents vital to the outage sequence process.

The more detail we create, the fewer unknown issues; which results in better bidder confidence; the result: better prices. Project Managers can appreciate that. The most important aspect of these two items is that at every step of the process we consult with the utility operations department to ensure our plans are realistic and executable. Our internal experience in operations builds a strong relationship. Our requests are clear and maximize the best use of the outage windows. That clarity also helps during construction.

Contact: Ryan Robinson or Mike Nowakowski

Mike Nowakowski
Outage Manager
Mike holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and has 34 years of electric utility experience as an outage coordinator, transmission and distribution supervisor and most recently developing complex outage sequences for electric utility bulk power line and substation construction projects.
Jerry Yeargain
Constructability Manager
Jerry has been in the electric industry for over 30 years, starting his career as a Journeyman Lineman. Jerry joined the IBEW in 1985 in St. Louis, MO, and has since worked as a Construction Coordinator, Construction Manager, Field Representative, and Constructability Consultant. Joining the RTR team in 2014, Jerry has held a pivotal role to our company in Constructability for transmission line work.
Allan Everett
Constructuability Manager
Allan came to RTR on July 5, 2016. Prior to joining RTR he worked for PPL Electric Utilities for 32 yrs. Allan was in the transmission department from 1984 through 2000 until PPL merged transmission and distribution. In 2005 he became a lineman leader and worked at that position until retiring in May 2016.
Brian Patterson
Survey Manager
Brian has over 28 years of surveying and mapping experience performing and/or overseeing Civil, Highway, Structural, Environmental, Utility and Construction surveying services, utilizing conventional equipment, as well as the latest in electronic equipment including total station, GPS, LiDAR, and Laser Scanning technology.
Bud Miller
Senior Surveyor
Bud holds a BS in Mathematics and has 30 years experience in field and office land surveying utilizing a variety of equipment including: GPS, robotics and laser scanners. Bud has extensive experience with 2d and 3d CAD design (Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Environmental), CAD management and customization, software development and I.T. support.
Ryan Foutz
Outage Engineer
Ryan holds a B.S. in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology and has over 3 years experience in the electrical utility industry as a commissioning/electrical engineer.
Rick Nuno
Outage Engineer/Construction Manager
Rick has been in the electric utility industry for over 26 years starting with PPL as an electrician in the construction department. Since then he has worked as a Local System Operator and Transmission System Operator for PPL Electric Utilities, and as a Generation Dispatcher for PPL Energy Plus and Talen Energy. Rick holds NERC Reliability Coordinator as well as PJM Generation & Transmission System Operator Certifications.
Bob Deacon
Outage Engineer/Construction Manager
Bob holds a B.S. in Business/Finance and has over 30 years of experience in the electric power industry. Bob worked as a PPL construction department electrician, a System Operator, Transmission Power Dispatcher, Generation Dispatcher, in addition to Principal Trader and Trading Manager positions at PPL Energy Plus and Talen Energy. Bob holds current NERC Reliability Coordinator and Balancing and Interchange Certifications.

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