survey1The surveying services offered by RTR can be utilized by the small homeowner and small business, to the large industrial, commercial, land development, or even governmental agency clients.

The professional staff within the surveying department here at RTR have a vast and diverse mix of surveying experience in almost every sector.  The common thread among all those sectors is the need for cost efficient and quality services or deliverables completed in a timely, and above all else, safe manner.  Whether your need is for a small boundary line retracement, or a 50-mile-long transmission line base plan, existing and proposed features modeling in 3D, or construction staking of a gas compressor station; RTR has the experience you can rely on.

The surveying services you need may fall in one of these categories:

  • Concept/Preliminary Design
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Existing Right of Way and Easement Determination and Location
  • PA One Call and Utility Surveys
  • Volume calculations

Detailed Design and Engineering:

  • Staking or locating core borings or test pits
  • Location of delineated wetlands, historic or protected areas
  • Location of sensitive or protected natural areas
  • Cut/Fill analysis and calculations

Construction and As-built Verification:

  • Staking of Erosion & Sediment Control Measures (E&S)
  • Staking of all site improvements (roads, curbs, sewers, water, electric & gas)
  • Staking of foundations for buildings or structures
  • As-builts for quality control and acceptance of facilities
  • Stockpile monitoring

RTR’s staff utilizes new, state of the art GPS equipment, Robotic Total Stations, High Definition Laser Scanners, Digital Levels, and many different software packages to meet our clients’ specific deliverable needs.  We have strategic partners to assist with support for any equipment that we may want to utilize for specialized tasks.

Contact: Brian Patterson, P.L.S.

Brian Patterson
Survey Manager
Brian has over 28 years of surveying and mapping experience performing and/or overseeing Civil, Highway, Structural, Environmental, Utility and Construction surveying services, utilizing conventional equipment, as well as the latest in electronic equipment including total station, GPS, LiDAR, and Laser Scanning technology.
Bud Miller
Senior Surveyor / I.T. Support / CAD Management
Bud holds a BS in Mathematics and has 30 years experience in field and office land surveying utilizing a variety of equipment including: GPS, robotics and laser scanners. Bud has extensive experience with 2d and 3d CAD design (Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Environmental), CAD management and customization, software development and I.T. support.

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