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Dark Sky Weather App

Dark Sky Weather App

Hyper-local Weather

Weather is a concern for many businesses and certainly is at RTR. Project management, surveying, line-work, mobilization, supply all require attention to expected weather patterns for both planning and safety. While there are many weather apps on the market there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest called Dark Sky. Unlike others Dark Sky provides “hyper-local” weather forecasting, meaning the weather you can expect directly where you stand at any particular moment.

All the Data You Need

Whether you scroll through a textual representation or watch the weather develop through an amazing 3d map simulation you can get precise data for either the rain that’s due to start in a few minutes to the developing snow storm arriving in a few days. Dark Sky allows you to see not only predicted temperatures and precipitation amounts on the hour but also wind speed and direction, humidity and UV index. Scroll through the map simulation and you can watch the weather develop from the past and watch it develop into the coming week.


Alerts can be set to include custom alerts, severe weather alerts or simple daily summaries. The Dark Sky App uses cell phone GPS location to provide detailed weather to your exact location, not the nearest population center; but where you stand. Dark Sky is an invaluable tool for anyone who either works in the elements or those who schedule work affected by weather.

Note: The RTR Energy Solutions websites use the Dark Sky widget (right sidebar from a computer or below on the RTR mobile site). The map is interactive. Pan and zoom to locate your area and click the drop menu to select your weather criteria and the date/time for which you’d like a forecast. Below is a short video showing demonstrating the user interface.




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